Chris C (insanechris) wrote,
Chris C

no subject

Hmmmm, hate the mobile app for this. It just never worked for me. So I'm doing it old school on my laptop. I think back to when I first posted on here...... My pc was running Windows 98 and I was on dial up with aol back then. Here I am using a faster connection over my Wi-Fi in the house all these years later.

Things have been sailing along around here. The summer is almost over, school for the kids is staying in less then two weeks. Time does fly by when you're not paying attention.

Just got the kids off to bed and will soon be heading there too. Today was just a very long day with back to school shopping and trying to get everything back to normal after a week of solid work (eleven hour days are just way to long).

Goodnight and good luck to everyone out there.
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