Chris C (insanechris) wrote,
Chris C

i know

i know that i started this way long ago, and I never really had any intention of continuing it, but it still helps sometimes to just write out my thought.  i have been pretty depressed for the last few years.  nothing brings any sort of enjoyment to me these days like it used too.  the simplest things used to be the best, but it is hard to even enjoy those now.  like a long drive just to go out, watching nothing out the window, listening to the rain fall.  I'm not sure that I can change any of this or how I feel, but the days roll on.  there is no stopping them.  i just spent two weeks on vacation, got nothing done around the house, got annoyed by almost everything and by nothing.  I got a whole 3.5 hours to myself and spent 1 of them cleaning the bathroom, yeah fun time.....  this is life, get over it.

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